Welcome to The Edge of The World


Gardiner Point. Arthur River. West Coast TASMANIA (Aust).

The sea west of Tasmania is the longest uninterrupted expanse of ocean on the globe. From Argentina the currents sweep unimpeded more than halfway around the planet until they hit this point.

As was well understood by the ancients and indigenous peoples to this day, special geographic features of the earth create mystical and spiritual, even sacred places that can impact on human consciousness.

Here is such a place. Profoundly mystical and spiritual in a wild and natural setting. Some don't dig it. Many do, and grieve for those who don't. Some see it at best as a trophy destination. And perhaps it is that also. For others the reason is deep in their soul as this quote from Gary Marx tells us (below).


"Suddenly visiting that spot became my reason for going. I needed to go to The Ends of The Earth. I needed to step out to that metaphorical edge and just stand in Awe. With my mouth open perhaps."

Gary Marx - Kansas City Star